Island Market & Export

Location: Islands of Adventure – Port of Entry

Dieters beware – the Island Market and Export has some seriously tempting treats. As in, triple chocolate brownies, dutch chocolate turtles, cookies and cream pretzels, heath s’mores and creamsicle fudge to name just a small sampling. The wraparound counter features dozens of different candy covered smores, giant turtles, gourmet cookies, crispy treats, fudge, chocolate-dipped candy-coated pretzels, marshmallow sticks and candy apples.

If you can’t consume your goodies right away, buy them on your way out rather than in. These delectable desserts won’t last very well in the Florida heat, and the hectic pace of a theme park vacation isn’t kind to delicate baked goods even when the weather is cool. You want the fudge to melt in your mouth, not in your bag.

If you want something a little less rich, you’ll also find a wall of Jelly Belly jelly beans, a flavored sugar dispenser for making your own giant versions of pixie sticks, and all the Pez dispensers you could want.

The Island Market and Export’s other claim to fame is its selection of souvenirs priced at just $10 or less. Conveniently located on your way out of the park, it’s not bad as a last ditch effort to grab a gift for someone back home. Don’t let the opportunity to snag a deal entice you to buy something on your way in, though. There are plenty of other items for less than $10 throughout the park and many are a lot more fun than the character cups and small plastic toys you can get here.

Candy Shoppe Menu

Gourmet Cookie - $2.95
Seasonal Cookie - $2.95
Character Cookie - $3.25

Plain Crispy Treat - $2.75 a piece
Deluxe Crispy Treat - $2.95 a piece

Large Gourmet Chocolates - $3.95 a piece

Candy Apple - $3.95
Caramel Apple - $4.50
Caramel Apple w/Nuts - $4.95
Chocolate Dipped Apple - $7.95

Fudge - $3.95 a piece
buy 4 pieces get 2 free - $15.80

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows - $3.25 a piece

Gourmet Turtle - $3.95
Gourmet Bark - $4.50
Gourmet Pretzel - $1.95

Assorted Brownies - $2.95

S’mores - $2.95 a piece

The Island Market leads seamlessly into the Christmas Shoppe and DeFoto’s.

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