Richter's Burger Co.

Location: Universal Studios Florida - San Francisco

Richter’s Burger Co. is one of the best themed restaurants in the park. Every detail of the building is created to resemble the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. From the upside-down statue embedded in the floor beside the door to the menu boards that have been cracked in two, it’s obvious that this place has been through quite an ordeal. Take a good look around as you dine to really appreciate all the little details that went into the design, such as the hammer and bell rigged to the ceiling to warn of another quake.

Richter’s has a fairly limited menu with only 5 options, but these are diverse enough to satisfy nearly anyone (see full menu below). If you’re feeling the constraint of so few meal options, consider that you can choose from more than 100 drinks. The Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage machines at the end of the line have handy touch screens to help you navigate the dozens of available choices till you find the perfect concoction to quench your thirst.

“The Big One” – Burger with Cheese, Served w/Fries - $8.29
“The Aftershock” – Two Patties with Cheese, Served w/Fries - $9.69
“The San Andreas” – Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Served w/Fries - $8.49
“The Fault Line” – Garden Burger with Cheese. Served w/Fries - $7.79
“The Richter Scale Salad” – Grilled Chicken Salad - $8.49

Bacon - $.75
American Cheese - $.50
Swiss Cheese - $.50
Onion - $.79
Sautéed Mushroom - $.79

Chili Cheese Fries - $3.79
French Fries - $2.99
Cheese Sauce - $.79

Fountain Soda - $2.69/$2.99
Souvenir Cup - $8.99
Refills - $.99
Refillable Freestyle Cup - $10.99
Root Beer Float - $4.19
Powerade - $2.89
Bottled Spring Water - $2.75
Milk - $2.29
Bottled Beer - $6.00

Desserts & Shakes:

The Frisco Shake – Vanilla or Chocolate
Small - $3.19  Regular - $4.49
Mile High Apple Pie - $3.49
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Cup - $3.39
Freshly Baked Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie - $2.39

Freestyle Machine Drinks:
With the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine you can choose from over 100 different beverages. Not only do you have light and zero calorie options for nearly every drink, you’ll also find a wide range of flavoring choices for each beverage. Options include myriad possibilities for:
Minute Maid
Diet Coke
Mr. Pibb

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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