Universal Studios Orlando FAQs - What are the Ride Height Restrictions?

How tall to you have to be to ride?

For your safety, many of the rides at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure have height restrictions.

For these rides, a height sign is located outside the attraction's entrance. If you suspect that a member of your party may be too short, please stop and have them checked. Sneaking past the first height sign will just result in your child getting measured further on - potentially creating a very disappointing situation after a long wait in line. For more tips on height signs, please see our post: How to Handle Height Signs.

Here are the current height restrictions for all of the attractions at the Universal Orlando Resort:

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

Why do you have to be over 48” to ride alone?

The Universal Orlando Resort has a strict safety policy stating that if a person is less
than 48” tall they have to experience many attractions with a supervising companion. A
supervising companion should be an adult or older sibling.

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