The Barney Shop

Location: Universal Studios Florida - Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone

A cult classic for the toddling set, Barney has enough of an influence in Universal Studios to wield his own small gift shop. Located near the entrance to the
“A Day in the Park with Barney” show, this store has plenty to entertain fans of the big purple dinosaur. Expect lots of toddler friendly toys such as plush figures, baby clothing and books. Another main figure here is Thomas the Tank Engine who is featured on an assortment of books and toys of his own.

Most items can be found in the typical toy store, but one particular piece stands out as a worthy souvenir for big Barney fans. This toddler outfit ($17.95) reads “Universal Studios” below the picture of Barney so you’ll always remember where you picked it up.

If you want to commemorate your visit with Barney, but don't want to deal with expensive theme park merchandise, consider purchasing special Barney gift before you leave for your trip. Tuck it away in your bags before you leave. The day you plan to go see Barney, "forget" something in the room and rush back in to leave the gift out on the dresser. Then, when you return after meeting Barney, you can surprise your tot with the special present Barney must have magically sent back to your room for you.

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