Betty Boop Store/Boop Oop A Doop

Location: Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon

The Betty Boop Store, to be found under the giant “Boop Oop A Doop” sign featuring Betty perched on the edge of a piano, is everything you would expect of a gift shop dedicated to a sexed up cartoon character. Though the exterior is straight out of a comic, the interior is swathed in pinks and reds from floor to ceiling. The moderately sized shop is filled with silky pillows and nighties, lacy underthings and glittering jewelry featuring Betty Boop.

Delicate detailed figurines make the perfect gift for serious Betty fans. Mini champagne and martini glasses emblazoned with the star are almost too cute to pass up. Young adults who want souvenir attire with a little more sass than a “Thing One” shirt will find plenty of options.

Though the majority of the merchandise pieces keep Betty in her cartoonish incarnation, a few items, like the pillows pictures below, repaint her in a much more realistic, sophisticated and undeniably alluring light.

From time to time Betty Boop herself will show up for meet and greets in the area, donning a tiny red dress, black garter and a perfectly painted face.

If you can't wait till your next Universal Studios visit to get your Betty Boop fix, you can get Betty Boop specials including free shipping over $75, and buy more save more starting at $50 shopping online at the Betty Boop Store.

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