MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack

Location: Universal Studios Florida - World Expo

Height Restriction: 42 inches

Age Appropriateness: Anyone tall enough to ride

Seat Type: Molded seats with lap bar; two rows of three

Men in Black
Ride Description: The queue alone is worth most of the wait for this shoot ‘em up ride. You start with the classic elevator entrance from the movie and move on to witness several familiar aliens and even walk above the MIB command center. Once you’ve been prepped for your mission, you take off to prove your worthiness as an agent. Not surprisingly, the alien simulator test goes terribly wrong and you end up battling actual enemies. Each rider has his own laser gun to shoot the vile intergalactic beasts with. The key to really getting the highest score, however, is to be the first on your vehicle to hit that big red button just as you enter the tunnel. (Listen carefully, you’ll hear Zed tell you when.)

Getting Ready: If you’re looking for a way to unwind the night before, rent the original Men In Black movie, or watch it again in preparation for your trip. With the film fresh in your mind you’ll notice lots of familiar details in the queue.

Worth the Wait: There’s so much to see in line you’ll almost miss out if you have to rush past it all. 45 minutes isn’t bad for MIB fans, or rambunctious boys who will love using the laser gun and battling for the highest score.

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