8 Attractions That May Disappear in the Next 5 Years

As a rule theme parks are constantly upgrading, rehabbing and replacing their rides to keep things fresh. When the film that inspired an attraction finally becomes so stale that young guests can’t even make a connection between the original movie and the ride they’re on, it’s generally time to change things up. Based on a very non-scientific equation of rumor, conjecture, and wishful thinking, here are the top 8 attractions we think (hope, wish) will go in the next 5 years.

Posidon’s FuryThe last time I checked mythological gods hadn’t really made a popular appearance since Disney’s Hercules which was not only 14 years ago…it was also produced by Universal’s prime competition. I’ve never really gotten what the appeal of this show is supposed to be, and now that it’s sitting in prime real estate for a possible Wizarding World expansion, I think its past time for this attraction to go. The vast show building could easily be gutted to make room for a Harry Potter themed dark ride. Some sources suggest the space may already be slotted for a Gringott’s themed indoor roller coaster.

The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad Stunt Show
Like Posidon’s Fury, this show has no real basis in any popular film and just seems to be Universal’s answer to Disney’s Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Its location next to the Wizarding World will likely be its undoing. With the outrageously positive response to all things Harry Potter, it’s hard to imagine that the park won’t eventually expand and nix the whole Lost Continent. If the space isn’t rebuilt entirely, perhaps we can hope for some sort of Potter-themed stage show? I would personally love to see the fire effects put to use shooting from a dragon’s mouth.

With 15 years separating today’s attraction from the original movie, Twister could likely be on the chopping block. Twister originally replaced a popular Ghostbusters attraction known as “Ghostbusters Spooktacular.” We can’t help but wonder if something similar will come back to the space to coincide with the release of Ghostbusters III, slated for 2012. Unfortunately, the demise of the Ecto 1 and the gaping hole Rip, Ride, Rockit left in the fire station fa├žade next door may indicate otherwise.

Terminator 3-D
If you want to really talk about old movies, consider that the original Terminator was released in 1984, long before any of Universal’s younger guests were even born. A string of sequels, the latest in 2009, have kept the show somewhat relevant but rumors have been swirling for months that this show is on it’s last leg. You can expect it to stick around for a few more years, but I doubt if it will last another 5. Some sources suggest that a 4D Avatar experience could be lined up as the replacement.

Prior to the announcement of the new Despicable Me attraction, a series of clues were released that led many to believe something entirely different was in the works. Hints such as a banana got some fans thinking King Kong 360 like the attraction at the Hollywood park. If this is indeed in the works, multiple online rumors seem to indicate that the Disaster building would be prime placement for the new feature.

Jimmy Neutron
We had to include this on our list so we’re sure to get at least one of these right. Universal Studios has officially announced their plans to replace the Jimmy Neutron attraction with Despicable Me. If you want a look at the Jimmy Neutron show you should try to catch it before the summer is up.

E.T. Adventure
Though E.T. is definitely a classic, the 1982 film is rapidly losing relevance and it’s hard to believe kids today can even watch it without scoffing at the outdated special effects. Add to this the fact that the attraction focuses primarily on a confusing fictional world that has nothing what-so-ever to do with the film and you have an attraction space that could be better used on something more relevant.

Rip Ride Rocket
This is probably just wishful thinking on our part, but this coaster has been notorious for problems since its much delayed opening in August of 2009. The ride was closed for an extended period of time in September of 2010 to presumably remedy many of the serious dangers that it posed, but I’m still not brave enough to get on. With frequent down times continuing to plague the coaster, perhaps Universal will eventually opt to scrap the project in favor of something a little less death-trap-y.

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