Revenge of the Mummy

Location: Universal Studios Florida - New York

Height Restriction: 48 inches

Age Appropriateness: Brave kids to tweens and older

Seat Type: 4 to a row with lap bars

Ride Description: Revenge of the Mummy is a thrilling attraction perfect for the adventurous and roller coaster lovers. This indoor coaster combines some slow moving sections through audioanimatronic scenes with high speed twists and turns in the dark. The best part of the attraction is the false ending where you have just enough time to emit a sigh of relief before you’re plunged through a chilling mist and back into the roller coaster ride.

The ride queue is intriguing as well, taking you through a maze dimly lit of Egyptian tombs. If you’re nervous about the coaster, the creepy setting here is sure to get your pulse racing even faster.

Getting Ready: The team members should advise you of this, but you definitely don’t want to leave sunglasses or hats on your head for this coaster as you’ll certainly lose them before the ride is over.

Worth the Wait: I would gladly wait 90 minutes for this one, as it’s one of the best rides in the park for thrill seekers.

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