Gertrude McFuzz Fine Feathered Finery

Location: Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing

In case you’re rusty with your Seuss stories, Gertrude McFuzz was the poor one-feathered bird who had to learn her lesson about the follies of vanity the hard way. Jealous of the fine plumage of other birds, she popped one too many feather-enhancing berries and ended up with so great a tail feather that she couldn’t lift it.

It seems we’ve caught Gertrude in the height of her feather binge at this shop, as she’s displayed on the sign with quite the extravagant tail. Though a few lines from Gertrude’s story are posted outside the door to the store, in truth this gift shop has very little to do with the story.

If you’re looking to don some fine feathery finery yourself, you’ll find all manner of Seuss themed attire in this shop. As usual, the Grinch, Cat in the Hat and Things are well represented. From tees to lounge wear you’ll have a wide selection to choose from.

Some of the highlights in the store include Seuss-themed sneakers and socks. You can find Seuss-ified converse sneakers at stores outside the parks as well, so don’t panic if you fall in love but can’t find your size. If you haven’t seen some of these shoes before, you should be completely prepared to fall in love.

For a Seuss-themed souvenir that’s a little easier on the bank account, these bookmarks are pretty adorable and totally affordable at just $3.95 for the paperclip and $6.95 for the Things with the bouncing ball.

Gertrude McFuzz runs right into the Mulberry Street Store, which carries lots of goodies for little ones if you have some infants or tots on your gift list.

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