Marvel Alterniverse Store

Location: Islands of Adventure – Marvel Super Hero Island

In keeping with the comic book theme of this area of the park, the only sign you’ll really see for the Marvel Alterniverse Store reads “Store”. But that’s ok, because we get the point.

If you’re after superhero shirts with faux abs or witty slogans, you’re in the right place. Those lucky guests who have a wad of cash just burning a hole through their pocket can even inquire about purchasing the life size displays, such as the Iron Man piece pictured here.

Otherwise the merchandise is pretty standard fare. Though there’s a superhero slant to it, there’s also plenty of generic Universal stuff. Keep an eye on the far corner of the store if you’re interested in meeting Spiderman. Unlike the other superheros and villains in the area, his meet and greet take place indoors here, instead of out on the streets.

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