The Brown Derby Hat Shop

Location: Universal Studios Florida - Hollywood

If the name isn’t enough, the outside of this gift shop is a clear indicator of what you’ll find inside. Though this store isn’t very large, it has every type of headgear you could want. Naturally, you’ll find an assortment of baseball caps, visors and bucket hats; but the Brown Derby Hat Shop has some more unique offerings as well, such as Jurassic Park hard hats, the Cat in the Hat’s iconic headwear, and shark fin headbands.

One of the most eye-catching items has prime placement on the racks outside the shop’s doors. To complement the Simpson’s ride at the back of the park, you can now purchase fabulous Marge wigs ($22.95). This towering piece of electric blue hair is the perfect combination of cartoon kitsch and trendy show. While it could have been done with cheap foamy frizz, this wig is actually careful curls of faux hair. If you haven’t chosen a Halloween costume yet, this could be the perfect piece to top off your attire.

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