Location: Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon

Dagwood Bumstead, from the Blondie comic strip, has been associated with towering sandwiches for decades. The term “Dagwood sandwich” was coined for the character and his towering creations of mismatched fillings, so it only makes sense that such an American icon would find a place here among the dining locations of Toon Lagoon.

You can’t possibly miss the sign for Blondie’s which is itself squished into the center of a towering sandwich piled with every imaginable type of food. Inside you’ll find yourself surrounded with comic-book décor that makes you feel like you’ve stepped right into Blondie’s home. The condiment bar is designed to look like a comic-book hutch and Dagwood himself can be spotted on the wall, taking a nap.

Blondie’s serves up a variety of subs with your choice of toppings and white or wheat bread. But if you want the full experience, you should go for the Famous Dagwood Sandwich. Different versions of the Dagwood can be found at restaurants across the country, but this restaurant’s version features three lunch meats (ham, turkey and roast beef), two cheeses (American and Swiss), lettuce, tomatoes, mustard and mayo. Piled onto an onion poppy seed bread, it’s just diverse enough to qualify as a Dagwood without completely overwhelming the diner with strange toppings.

If you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, Blondie’s also serves up Nathan’s hot dogs in four famous styles – chili, Chicago, Reuben and slaw. You’ll find cookies or a fruit cup on the dessert menu, but if you’re after something a little colder, Cathy’s serves up ice cream nearby.


Made to Order Subs
Baked Ham - $8.99
Smoked Turkey - $8.99
Roast Beef - $8.99
Tuna Salad - $8.99

Subs served with cheese, fresh toppings, and pickle on your choice of a white or whole wheat sub roll. Sandwich comes with your choice of potato salad or cole slaw.

The Famous Dagwood Sandwich - Fresh baked onion & poppy seed bread piled high with baked ham, turkey, roast beef, American and Swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and mustard - $8.99

Nathan’s Hot Dogs
choice of chips included
Chili Dog - $8.49
Chicago Dog - $8.49
Reuben Dog - $8.49
Slaw Dog - $8.49

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Gold Peak Tea, Hi-C
Regular - $2.69
Large - $2.99
Collectible Souvenir Cup - $8.99
Souvenir Mug Refills - $.99
Powerade - $2.89
Zephyrhills Bottled spring Water - $2.75
Bottled Beer - $6.00
Milk - $2.29

Midnight Snack Desserts
Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies - $2.39
Chips - $2.79
Fruit Cup - $3.39

** Menu and prices subject to change at any time **

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