Location: Islands of Adventure – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Zonko’s joke shop, like the rest of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, is plucked straight from the film and delivered to you in perfect detail. Like all the shops in Hogsmeade, proper scale is taken to the extreme, and the store is very small with narrow isles that can barely squeeze two people at a time.

Though avid Potter fans were no doubt hoping for the much-improved joke shop the Weasley brothers open up in later films, the theme park version of Hogsmeade still clings to the original Zonko’s; though it does carry many of the Weasley Brother’s inventions.

Zonko’s sells toy versions of several prank pieces from the movies and books including the Fanged Flyer, “Authentic Sneakoscope Reproduction” and U-No-Poo pills. If you’re looking for a fuzzy addition to your family, you can also purchase pink or purple Pygmy Puffs. If you decide to adopt a Pygmy Puff into your party, you’ll get to celebrate with a special bell-ringing and announcement at the cash register when you make your purchase.

Zonko’s leads right into Honeydukes, but you should make sure you pass through the Zonko’s door at least once as you’re browsing these shops. You’re sure to get a scream of a surprise.

Some of the Zonko’s merchandise is available in Universal’s online store, but the selection in the actual shop is much more extensive.

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