Location: Islands of Adventure – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Honeydukes is just what you would expect of the famous wizard confectionary. The shelves are loaded down with every type of tooth-rotting wizardry imaginable and even the pink and green decor seems overwhelmingly sweet.

Potter fans will be delighted to find all their favorite legendary treats from the films and books including fizzing whizbees, every flavored beans, peppermint toads, and chocolate frogs with collectible cards.

If you care to know just where your candy comes from, be sure to check out the barber elves on display near the center of the store and compare the greasy hair in their hands to the “Clippy’s Clip Joint Clippings” licorice.

For a souvenir that will outlast the life of the candy, go for one of the glass jars of more generic candies such as peppermints. The sweets may disappear like magic but the “Honeydukes” candy container makes a lasting memento.

In addition to all the prepackaged sweets, you’ll find a glass counter stocked with fresh baked caldron cakes, rock cakes, fudge, candy apples and rice crispy treats emblazoned with the Honeydukes logo.

Honeydukes is connected to Zonko’s joke shop; you can’t miss the obvious transition just past the cash register.

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