Universal Studios Store - CityWalk

Location: CityWalk – Islands of Adventure Side

The Universal Studios Store at CityWalk offers a little taste of all the character and ride souvenirs you’ll find in the park. Expect the standard array – tees, hats, mugs and key chains. There’s a little of everything but not enough focus on any one theme to offer you a full array of options if you’re interested in a specific character, film or attraction.

Off to the right you’ll probably notice a pack of people pushing toward the corner – where the Harry Potter character wands are located. In the back is a giant circular display of plush animals if you need something snuggly to take home. The shop is awkwardly arranged and a little too small for all the racks it holds, so if you’re going to be in the parks, you might want to wait to look around more specialized locations later on.

This store is a good stop for visitors who are only going to CityWalk and want some Universal gear from their trip. It may also save the day if you’ve forgotten a gift or souvenir and you’re on the way out at the end of your vacation.

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