Cyber Image

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Hollywood

Though this shop is technically named “Cyber Image,” you won’t really be able to find it using that moniker. From the street, the store can be found under the “Five & Dime” sign. Both the Terminator 2: 3-D show and the Horror Makeup Show exit into the shop as well.

Along with Terminator toys and souvenirs, this gift shop also carries Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman, Green Lantern and other DC Superhero items. If you’re in the market for a pricey but very unique piece to take home, check out some of the Terminator-themed sculptures. The “Terminator Salvation” T-600 bust pictured here is $750.

The Terminator leather jackets make an eye-catching souvenir from your trip, too. The tag in the back of the jacket marks it as an official Terminator piece, but the solid construction makes for outerwear you could get real use out of. Kids’ leather jackets run $100; adult jackets are $200.

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