Lucy - A Tribute

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Hollywood

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series
Attraction Description: The Lucy Tribute exhibit pays homage to all things “I Love Lucy.” Though the gallery is relatively small, it has plenty of fun pieces of memorabilia to make worth a quick walk through. You’ll see a miniature of the set, letters, personal photos, mementos, and an assortment of Lucille Ball’s costumes from the show.

Television screens are scattered throughout the area showing favorite clips of the “I Love Lucy Show” to provide a poignant reminder of how engaging and entertaining the American classic really was. On the left side of the room are seven trivia consoles where avid fans can really test their knowledge of Lucy.

Lucy and Ricardo do meet and greets in the gallery as well as out front periodically throughout the day. The times for the “Hollywood Character Zone” will give you an idea of when these celebrities may show, but specific appearance times aren’t provided.

The tribute gallery leads into the Betty Boop/Silver Screen Collectibles store where you can find plenty of Lucy merchandise to add to your collection.

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