Doctor Doom's Fearfall

Location: Islands of Adventure – Marvel Super Hero Island

Height Restriction: 52”

Age Appropriateness: Older children and up

Seat Type: Molded seats with over-the-shoulder restraints

Ride Description: On Doctor Doom’s Fearfall you’re subjected to the latest invention of the Fantastic Four’s arch-nemesis. His Fearfall contraption is designed to drain the fear from its helpless subjects and convert it into energy for Doctor Doom. With the power of your terror behind his next attack, he may just be able to defeat the Fantastic Four once and for all.

When you arrive at the loading platform, you’ll notice that each side of the ride has four seats – perfect for capturing the Fantastic Four themselves. You’ll get strapped in and have a brief moment to take a deep breath before you’re off.

The ride initially shoots 150 feet straight up into the air and falls faster than gravity almost all the way back down. You then go up and down at a slower speed several more times before finally lowering back to the dock.

Getting Ready: A test seat outside the ride gives you a chance to try on just what you’re up against. The over-the-shoulder restraints fit very snugly, so you should make sure they’re comfortable and close securely if you have any concerns about fitting in the seats.

Worth the Wait: 15 minutes

Ride Restrictions: You should not ride this attraction if you:
  • are expecting
  • have a heart condition or abnormal blood pressure
  • have neck, back, or similar physical conditions
  • are susceptible to motion sickness
  • are susceptible to fear of heights
  • have a medical condition aggravated by strobe effects
  • have a medical condition aggravated by fog effects
  • have had recent surgery
Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to ride seating.

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