Green Eggs and Ham

Location: Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing

Green Eggs and Ham is a great stop for those moments when you need a quick, easy bite to eat without too much fuss. The platter options cover the chicken and burger basics, and each plate comes with a side of fries. The one sandwich that does stand out here is the Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich. True to its name the sandwich features scrambled eggs dyed green as well as ham slices and cheese.

This dining option is really just a quick service counter with some outdoor tables, and does not consist of an indoor restaurant. When the weather is nice, however, it’s a refreshing place to relax and recharge before you take on the rest of Seuss Landing.

Single Cheeseburger Platter - $6.99
Chicken Fingers Platter - $8.29
Chicken Sandwich Platter - $8.49
Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich Platter - $7.99

French Fries - $2.99
Onion Rings - $3.69

Chocolate Fudge Brownie - $2.79
Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie - $2.39

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s, Fanta
Regular - $2.69
Large - $2.99
Collectible Souvenir Cup - $8.99
Souvenir Cup Refills - $.99
Zephyrhills Bottled Spring Water - $2.75

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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