Sahara Traders

Location: Universal Studios Florida – New York

Sahara Traders is the gift shop for the Revenge of the Mummy Ride, and a must-see for anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt. Though you’ll find some traditional movie merchandise here, the shop is surprisingly heavy on other types of Egyptian-themed pieces. You’ll find beautiful sculptures and figurines of sarcophagus busts, Egyptian cats and mummies ranging from $20 for a small piece to nearly $300 for larger ones.

Though nearly all gift shops stock a wall of mugs with your name, this shop offers a very unique twist. On these mugs, the name is spelled out in both letters and hieroglyphics. Perfect for kids who are into Egypt – and will no doubt memorize how to write their name in these characters from the mug.

If you’re into jewelry and accessories with a unique twist, you’ll find plenty to catch your eye in Sahara Traders. Though the myth of the “evil eye” isn’t strictly Egyptian in nature, the wall of Lucky Eye jewelry seems particularly well-placed here. The Lucky Eye bracelets, necklaces and earrings feature beautiful brightly colored beads – but you may notice something a little uncanny about them. Each piece features at least one – and often many – beads painted to look like eyes.

Lastly, before you leave the shop make sure you stop for a cute photo op with some of the elaborate Egyptian headdresses. The beaded ones seem especially glam. Pair this with a set of gold bangles (also available in the shop) and a slinky dress and you could have the perfect sexy Egyptian outfit for Halloween.

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