This store is closed. It is now Super Silly Stuff, the Despicable Me gift shop.

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Production Central

This Nickstuff store may as well be called the SpongeBob store for all the variety you’ll find here. If you’re into all things yellow and porous you’re in the right place. From slippers to penny banks, SpongeBob can be found on every product imaginable.

One of the more unique features of the store is the SpongeBob version of the classic Mr. Potato Head toy. You can select from an array of arms, legs and facial features to construct endless versions of the character. While you can buy the pieces individually in the park, you can also get the whole kit (show here) yourself out in the real world.

This store will most likely be short-lived as the accompanying Jimmy Neutron Ride is closing to make room for a Despicable Me version of the same type of attraction.

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