Sneak Peak at Acid Assault at HHN

Warning signs posted in New York
Now that the houses and scare zones have been officially announced, Universal is making quick work of preparing the park for the event. The most obvious preparations thus far are in the New York area where props for the "Acid Assault" scare zone are already on display. Among the features are rotting vehicles, warning signs and some creepy strange baby buggies filled with bags and garbage.

Horror Night Nightmares also reports towers with projectors pointed at Macy's, the Metropolis Tribune and the New York backdrop for projection effects. These special effects could make the buildings look damaged, worn or even as though they're melting away before your very eyes. Exactly how these projections will play out is yet to be seen, but they have definite potential to produce some very neat effects.

Vehicle destroyed by acid rain in front of Twister
Pile of baby buggies and junk (including a blood-smeared lunch tray) chained to a light pole

School bus destroyed by acid in the streets of New York

Close up of the acid damage on the school bus

Another creepy baby buggy parked next to a news stand in the future Acid Assault area

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