Treasures of Poseidon

Location: Islands of Adventure – The Lost Continent

If you’re looking for something colorful or shiny to brighten up your look, Treasures of Poseidon is the best shop to go to. Nearly every wall is covered with jewelry. You can get simple silver chains and charms, necklaces and bracelets made from seashells, bright beaded pieces and more. For jewelry that really stands for something, look for the basic stretchy bracelets with a single charm in the middle. The charms vary from piece to piece and represent various causes such as rainforests or ocean life.

For a bigger blast of color, check out the purses on display. From straw bags with a screaming 80s color palette to ruffled fabric totes in pretty prints, there are lots of cute ways to carry your things.

If you love to accessorize, this is a shop you just can’t miss. Plan for plenty of time to browse and make sure you find that perfect piece amid all the racks of glittering goods.

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