Spider-Man Shop

Location: Islands of Adventure - Super Hero Island

Like all of Super Hero Island, this shop doesn't have a specific name out front. It is, simply, "Shop". Once you peek in, however, it's impossible to miss who this store is dedicated to. The walls sport sleek images of Spidey swinging through town, and all of the pieces in the shop are adorned with his image or logo.

You'll exit through the Spider-Man Shop after you ride The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man but even visitors too small for the attraction will find this location worth a look.

If you want Spider-Man merchandise, don't bother with the limited selection at the general Universal stores - head here. The walls are covered with character tees, toys, plush dolls, dog tags, hats and keychains. The attire selection doesn't leave anyone out. You'll even find Spider-Man onesies, bibs and one-piece outfits for the smallest of guests.

If you want to meet Spider-Man in the flesh, head across the street to the Marvel Alterniverse Store where he stops for meet and greets.

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