San Francisco Candy Factory

Location: Universal Studios Florida – San Francisco

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the San Francisco Candy Factory will serve up a delectable assortment of irresistible delights. Parents enter at their own risk and should be prepared to withstand some hardcore begging in this shop. The walls are lined with tubes of colorful candy and guests can scoop out all their favorite treats.

For a dose of pure sugar, you can fill your own giant version of pixie sticks with an assortment of flavored sugars. The tubes come in lengths of 12, 18 and 34 inches. If you don’t want a night-long sugar high, this is one treat you shouldn’t keep to yourself.

Pre-packaged goodies here go above and beyond your standard bag of candy. You’ll find giant pez dispensers that hand out whole rolls of candy instead of single pieces and gummy bears bigger than your hand.

If you want to walk away with a sinful selection you just might be able to almost justify as healthy, head to the counter for a candy apple. Forget the boring coating of caramel you find at the state fair. Here you get apples coated in every imaginable combination of chocolate, candy and nuts. But hey, there is fruit in the center, after all.

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