The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

Location: Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing

Height Restriction: 34”

Age Appropriateness: Any

Seat Type: Molded seats with a lap bar – 2 per row

Ride Description: The High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride is a slow-moving tour that gives you a birds-eye view of Seuss Landing. This attraction is unique in that it has two completely separate tracks which take you through different stories.

If you’re facing the direction that the cars will move in, the track on your left will be the one for the story of the Sneetches. The tale actually begins in the queue where you’ll see storybook pages that set up the plot line as well as the Wondrous Star-On Machine. The left tracks begins by looping through the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous. From there it guides you through the story of the Sneeches with audio narration as you go through two interior show building scenes, over the Sneetches’ beach and around Seuss Landing.

The track on the right is a more expansive tour of Seuss Landing which loops out around Caro-Seuss-el, One Fish, Two Fish and Cat in the Hat. The audio for this track reads you the ABC’s of Seuss Landing as it introduces each sight you pass. You’ll loop over the Sneetches’ beach on this tour as well, and exit through a brief Sneetches scene at the very end.

Both tracks show off a variety of interesting rooftop characters throughout Seuss Landing, so make sure you look up and around as well as down to catch all the fun. Both sides of the ride are approximately 3 minutes in length.

Getting Ready: Read through your favorite Dr. Seuss stories in the weeks leading up to your visit and you’ll be sure to recognize characters from “The Sneetches,” “If I Ran the Circus,” and more throughout Seuss Landing.

Worth the Wait: Seuss fans who know how to enjoy a fanciful tour of whimsy will find plenty of interesting sights and sounds in the queue, and won’t mind a wait around 45 minutes. If you’re anxious to move on to serious thrill rides, hold out for a 10 or 15 minutes wait time.

Ride Restrictions: You should not ride this attraction if you:

  • are expecting
  • have a heart condition or abnormal blood pressure
  • have neck, back, or similar physical conditions
  • are susceptible to motion sickness
  • are susceptible to a fear of heights
Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to ride seating.

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