Universal Studios Orlando FAQs - Am I Going to Lose My Shoes?

Dragon Challenge in the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This ride makes me think I’m going to lose my shoes. Should I leave them in a
locker? Can I set them off to the side and get them after I ride?

Please bring your shoes with you on every attraction at Universal Orlando. In case of a ride evacuation, your shoes will be needed to protect your feet. Here are some tips for protecting your shoes on various attractions:

Dragon Challenge

There are two ways to keep your shoes here: take them off and place them on your seat before sitting down, or keep you ankles crossed for the entire ride.

Dr. Doom’s Fearfall

Sit down then kick your shoes off. Once this ride is in motion, no one will enter your ride area, keeping all of your stuff very secure. Also, you’ll be finishing the ride exactly where you started, so you won’t have to go far without your shoes.

Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges

There is a large covered area in the center of the boat that is designed to (hopefully) keep important belongings dry. Once seated, place your shoes in this covered area for your best chance of keeping them dry. However, this is not a guarantee. A good rule of thumb for this and other water rides is to leave anything you don't want to get wet behind. While you need to have your shoes with you, you could bring a pair of sandals that you wouldn’t mind getting wet to wear on the water rides rather than your comfortable
walking shoes.

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