Halloween Horror Nights Houses Released - 2012

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Universal Studios has officially released the list of houses, shows and scare zones for Halloween Horror Nights 21. The houses include:

  • Nevermore: The Madness of Poe, where the insanity of Poe's most terrifying works will come to life and trap you in the story.
  • The Forsaken, featuring the forgotten fourth of Columbus's fleet, risen from the depths
  • H.R. Bloodengutz Presents: Holidays of Horror, a "Scare-athon" sure to draw you into the action
  • The Thing, based on the upcoming film where Antarctic researchers find more than they bargained for in the isolated tundra when they uncover an alien spacecraft
  • Saws N' Steam: Into the Machine, which traps you in the terrifying mechanical underbelly of a moving machine
  • The In-Between, a 3-D house where you'll find yourself disoriented as you try to navigate the world of nightmares
  • Winter's Night: The Haunting of Hawthorne Cemetery, home to many departed souls who have decided to linger in their final resting place
  • Nightingales: Blood Prey, a series of WWI trenches prowled by the bloodthirsty Nightingales (the Orlando Sentinel likens them to Banshees)
The six scare zones include:
  • Acid Assault - a city plagued by acid rain
  • Canyon of Dark Souls - um, a canyon filled with dark souls...kind of self-explanatory
  • Grown Evil - where nature takes its revenge on any part of humanity that dares to enter its realm
  • NightMaze - an ever-changing maze, all in black, to ensure you're completely lost in your terror no matter how many times you've navigated it
  • 7 - where beautiful sirens of temptation (can you guess how many?) transform into their "Fatal Evil forms"
  • Your Luck Has Run Out - where Lady Luck seeks out her next victim
Shows feature the ever-popular Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure and Death Drums.

For a look at the official release, check out Universal Orlando's Official Halloween Horror Nights 21 Site.

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