Cats, Hats and Things

Location: Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing

Cats, Hats and Things is perfectly named as this entire gift shop is overtaken with the Cat in the Hat and his accomplices, Thing 1 and Thing 2. You’ll exit through this shop if you ride The Cat in the Hat, but it’s a fun stop even if you don’t want to take a spin through the dark ride.

Thing attire runs rampant here, offing up several different ways to deck out your party in matching shirts. Standard red Thing tees are available with “Thing 1” through “Thing 4”. If the kids want to don these, Mom and Dad can grab the “Mother of All Things” and “Father of All Things” shirts. Get your friends in on the fun with “I’m With Thing 1” or “I’m With Thing 2” tees.

If you like the idea but aren’t ready to let your inner Seuss-o-phile show in public, grab some of the many varieties of cozy Cat in the Hat and Thing PJs. The Thing hair and Cat’s hat are perfect for impromptu photo ops and may even end up going home with you if you’re looking for a super-easy Halloween costume.

Don’t leave without checking out the Converse wall with several different Seuss-themed sneakers. Grab matching socks for a really show-stopping look. And remember – you can wear pretty much anything in a theme park and still not be the strangest looking person there.

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