Camp Jurassic

Location: Islands of Adventure – Jurassic Park

Height Restriction: None

Age Appropriateness: Kids and kids at heart

Attraction Description: Camp Jurassic is an interactive play area designed to let children run, climb, slide and play to their heart’s content. Though nothing actually leaps out at you, this play area is more intense than the other options throughout the park. Your movements can trigger loud dinosaur noises and the dark, damp caves are a bit scary for small children.

Once your kids hit the age where they’re ready to tackle anything, however, this is just the place to let them do it. You can traverse the misty jungle, climb rope nets, crawl through caves, and careen down slides. A splash pad near the upper levels of the play area is a soft, spongy area for kids to get wet. Lookout posts all around the maze of bridges and stairs give you a good view of the surrounding park and the Pteranodon Flyers ride which circles the play area.

Keep a lookout for the dinosaur footprints on the ground. Stepping on these will cause a corresponding dinosaur call to sound – loudly – from the nearby bushes. It’s a fun game to play with when you’re expecting it, but pretty startling if you don’t realize what’s going on.

Getting Ready: Park your stroller in the designated area to the left of the entrance just before you go in - strollers aren't allowed in the play area. If you want to kill some time at the splash pads, swim wear for the little ones is a good idea.

Ride Restrictions: None. Ramps provide access to all areas of the camp for guests in wheelchairs.

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