Dragon Challenge

Location: Islands of Adventure – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Height Restriction: 54”

Age Appropriateness: Older children to adults. This is an intense roller coaster, so riders should be brave enough and tall enough to challenge the beasts.

Seat Description: Suspended roller coaster with molded seats and over-the-shoulder restraints; Eight rows of four seats

Ride Description: Dragon Challenge is an intense roller coaster experience with two separate tracks “battling” it our against one another. You get to be a part of the action of the Triwizard Competition as you mount one of two dragons – either the blazing red Chinese Fireball or the icy blue Hungarian Horntail.

The dueling tracks offer two different ride experiences, though both include corkscrews, inversions, vertical loops, a Cobra roll and a zero-g roll. The exhilarating 2-minute and 25-second coaster’s signature features are the three near misses where the two tracks come within a foot and a half of one another. (Parallel ride operation may be suspended due to recent problems on the ride.)

If you visited Islands of Adventure before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened, you may have ridden this ride before, by the name of Dueling Dragons. The track is exactly the same, but the queue has been extensively remodeled to fit with the Harry Potter theme.

Potter fans will find plenty of fantastic features to enjoy as they wait in line. Banners championing the four Triwizard competitors flank the line. The Weasley’s car is crashed in the bushes, and both the Triwizard Cup and Goblet of Fire are on display.

Getting Ready: Avoid eating a large lunch if you want to challenge both dragons, otherwise you’ll be revisiting your meal. Due to the extreme nature of this attraction, seat restraints are very close-fitting. If you’re concerned about fitting into the seats, try out the test seats featured out front before waiting in the queue.

Worth the Wait: 45 - 60 minutes

Ride Restrictions: You should not ride this attraction if you:

  • are expecting
  • have a heart condition or abnormal blood pressure
  • have a neck, back, or similar physical condition
  • are susceptible to motion sickness
  • have a cast
  • have had recent surgery
Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to ride seating.

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