Historic Families Heraldry/Coat of Arms

Location: Islands of Adventure – The Lost Continent

Historic Families Heraldry is a small outdoor gift shop with an assortment of oddly mismatched pieces with a slightly medieval flair. A set of knight's armor stands guard near the entrance. Fans of weaponry will find an extensive collection of daggers, swords and other intimidating pieces lining the walls.

Sculptures featuring knights and other mythological creatures are on display in a glass case in the center. For something with an even darker twist, voo doo dolls line the back wall.

If you have an interest in learning about your family’s coat of arms or otherwise tracing your history, the rest of the pieces in this gift shop will make for some very interesting browsing. Posters with extensive coats of arms from several different countries are on display. Many of these coats of arms are available on shirts and mugs if you really want to show off your heritage.

For a souvenir that’s even more tailored to your family, purchase a family tree parchment and fill it with your own family’s names.


  1. Can I order things from here online?

  2. Can I order things from this store online?

  3. Unfortunately Universal Studios offers only a limited selection of merchandise online, which does not include items themed to the Lost Continent. You can see a selection of the items that Universal does sell at their online shop here: http://www.universalorlando.com/Merchandise/MerchandiseHome.aspx

  4. Hello. I was at this shop about a year and a half ago and the owner was able to locate my family coat of arms from a very large and old looking reference book. To this day, that book has been the only resource that contained my family coat of arms. Is it possible to get the name of the book that was used here at the shop? Thanks you.


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