The Blues Brothers Show

Location: Universal Studios Florida – New York

Age Appropriateness: All

Show Description: The small nondescript stage on the gritty streets of Universal’s New York is easy to miss between shows, but when the Blues Brothers are in full swing you won’t be able to pass by without getting a little groove in your step. “Jazz” the saxophone player warms up the crowd just before Jake and Elwood cruise down the street in the Bluesmobile to start each show. During their performance the iconic duo is joined by Mabel the waitress’s strong voice as well as Jazz’s smooth accompaniment.

Getting Ready: If you want a prime spot by the stage, show up a few minutes early to claim your spot. Guests who are comfortable watching from a distance can take a seat on the steps of storefronts on the opposite side of the street.

Since this is an outdoor show, performances will not take place in inclement weather.

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