Curious George Goes to Town

Location: Universal Studios Florida - Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone

Height Restriction: None

Age Appropriateness: Children

Description: Curious George Goes to Town is a water-filled playland for children. The area is themed after the classic Curious George books, and you can find storybook pages throughout that tell the tale of another of George's mischievous journeys. Just past the entrance to your right you'll find some posters with holes cut out for kids' faces that make great photo-ops.

The splash pad on the left just past the entrance offers gentle fun for smaller tots. The larger playland features two stories of fountains, water walls, spraying and splashing. If you want to stay dry you can stick to the clearly designated outer limits of the area, but to get the most out of the area you’ll just have to get wet…or soaked.

As you explore the lower level you’ll find plenty of places to pull ropes and turn levers for fun surprises. The second level is for visitors of a more devious nature, as this is the spot where you’ll find dump buckets and water guns for soaking unsuspecting guests below. When you hear the bells going off, make sure you’re away from the center of the play area. This noise signals that one of the two giant dump buckets on either side of the space is about to overturn. On busy days, masses of kids who’ve gotten wise to the system will make a beeline for the spot just below these buckets.

The enclosed space behind the water playland houses the Ball Factory. In here you can wade through ball pits or wage war on others with ball-filled air cannons. Just make sure you’re dry, shoed and clothed before heading back into this area.

Getting Ready: If you plan to spend some time in this play area, bring appropriate water wear or clothing you won’t mind getting wet. There are no towels so bring your own if you don’t want to drip dry.

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