Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

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Location: Universal Studios Florida - Production Central

Height Restriction: 40" for moving seats; some non-moving seats available

Age Appropriateness: Any within height restrictions

Seat Type: Flat benches with lap bars seating four to a bench; two benches per vehicle

Ride Description: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem brings the whimsy and comedy of the children's movie into an engaging 3-D ride. The outside of the building features Gru's house with his vehicle parked out front. The sides of the building are plastered with posters depicting the joy of becoming a minion in clean-cut 1950's-style glory.

Your first stop after waiting in line is Gru's living room. You'll notice the distinctive chair from the film as well as some other additions, like drawings done by the girls. Here you receive your minion vision goggles (read, 3-D glasses). Next you proceed to the control room where Gru and the girls explain that they're in need of more minions and you're the next candidate.

As you move on into the theater, guests who previously rode Jimmy Neutron will notice some distinct similarities in the ride vehicles. However, a fresh coat of paint and some new impressive special effects have given this ride a head-to-toe makeover. As you're transformed into minions, you'll get to witness one lucky car of guests actually making the change right before your eyes on the big screen.

The ride is intended to take you through a minion training course to get you used to your new status as a minuscule yellow helper to Gru. Instead, things go wrong and the vehicle is knocked off track through an obstacle course of dangerous, yet hilarious, gags. When you finish, you regain your human status and head to the exit.

Unlike most rides where you'll dump right into the gift shop, Minion Mayhem gives you a bit of a detour first, taking you through a minion dance party (on your way to the gift shop, of course). Full size minions and their overall-clad buddies are on hand with a disco ball and music so you can do a little boogie before heading back into the park.

Getting Ready: You don't have to see the movie to appreciate the ride, but catching the flick before you leave for your vacation is a great way to gear up for the fun.

Worth the Wait: If you're anxious to try something new - this is the most recent development in the park. A wait time upwards of an hour is worth it for fans of this type of child-centered shtick. If you're looking for major thrill rides, don't wait more than 20 to 30 minutes.

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