Blue Man Group - New for 2012

Blue Man Group is a nearly indescribable combination of comedy, rock concert and brilliant social commentary. The iconic three blue men  perform a series of sketches that range from percussion pieces on paint-filled drums to a Twinkie dinner with a lucky audience member. For 2012 the show has been updated to include more modern references to today's technology. The finale is also completely new. If you've been to Blue Man Group before you may remember the fantastic ending to the show which included masses of toilet paper being passed overhead.

***Spoiler Alert***

The new finale to the show features a series of gigantic inflated balls suspended from the ceiling that will drop onto the audience. In a rock concert atmosphere the balls are passed through the audience while strobe lights pulse overhead.

The 2012 show features all the classics that Blue Man fans will love with enough innovation to keep the show fresh. It's nearly impossible to describe this show in a matter that will do it justice but if you enjoy amazing percussion, rock music and physical comedy, you'll find every penny well spent on tickets to see Blue Man Group.

Blue Man Group Finale - 2012

Blue Man Group Finale - 2012

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