Studio Sweets

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Production Central

Studio Sweets runs right into the Universal Studios Store and is an easy stop on your way in or out of the park. Steer clear of this store if you’re hungry, because you’ll undoubtedly spoil your appetite on mass amounts of fudge, candy apples and crispy treats, all of which are available in a dizzying range of flavor options. (Prices below)

If you want to put together your own sweet treat, you can select M&Ms in every color of the rainbow or fill your own giant pixie stick with flavored sugars. Candy bins line one wall with an assortment of additional goodies.

Packaged candy fills out the inventory with movie theater-style boxes and some novelty candies.

Assorted Fudge (per piece) - $3.95
Fudge Special – Buy 4 Pieces Get 2 Free

Brownies - $2.95
Marshmallow Stick - $3.25
Gourmet Smores - $2.95
Pretzels - $1.95

Plain Crispy Treat - $2.75
Deluxe Crispy Treat - $2.95
Gourmet Cookie - $2.95
Cupcakes - $3.95
Turtles - $3.95
Bark - $4.50

Candy Apple - $3.95
Caramel Apple - $4.50
Caramel Apple with Nuts - $4.95
Gourmet Apple - $7.95

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