Mythos Restaurant

Location: Islands of Adventure – Lost Continent

Mythos, as the name suggests, is based on the lore of Greek Gods, and the setting of this restaurant is appropriately awe-inspiring. The design runs the risk of seeming dark and dreary with walls that mimic the rocky interior of an inactive volcano, but it’s lightened up with ample windows and skylights. Gurgling water runs rampant throughout the space, with glimmering pools separating the various seating areas. If you look around closely you’ll notice eerie eyes peeking out from the stone walls, as the ancient Greek gods watch over their precious caverns.

The setting is visually outstanding, but the sound of the running water with strains of music behind it is a little overwhelming, and makes conversation difficult. The popularity of the restaurant necessitates tables packed close together, so the party seated next to you may be closer in proximity than the rest of your family across the table, posing another conversational challenge.

You won’t feel the need to converse much once your food arrives, though. The fare here is far superior to what you would expect from a theme park dining experience. The menu offers up a wide range of options from a hamburger to a bistro filet, and from what we tried of the menu, we feel confident saying you’re sure to get something delicious, whatever you order.

Presentation is never neglected here, with just the right flair of artistically drizzled sauces and carefully sprinkled seasonings. Come famished so you can try as many courses as possible. The shrimp cocktail features large, well-prepared shrimp and a mild cocktail sauce. The Wild Mushroom Flatbread was large enough to serve as an entrée if you’re only mildly hungry. The mushrooms and sauces were perfectly paired, though the flatbread was a little too far on the crispy side for my tastes.

For the comfort of a pasta dish with the flair of an exciting assortment of fresh vegetables, you’ll find the Pastabilities entrée always current, with the best ingredients available that day. My crab sliders had a rich flavor with the perfect amount of kick. The kids’ meals, unfortunately, lack the creativity of the rest of the menu, but it would probably go unappreciated for the tots at the table anyway.

If you want to get a taste of Mythos yourself, make reservations on your way in, or put your name in at the restaurant a couple hours before you actually want to eat. This is not the place to show up at the door when you’re already starving. The Wizarding World is just a short way down the street, so you can head over and muscle your way through the shops there for a bit while you wait. When you do come back for your meal time, grab one of the benches in the alcove outside the doors to wait. They’re shaded from the sun and much less crowded than the interior of the restaurant where you can barely squeeze through even after your table’s up.

Mythos Menu

Tuscan Tomato Soup - $4.99
Cream of Mushroom Soup - $4.99
Chef’s Signature Pizza - $8.99
Tempura Shrimp Sushi - $8.99
Mediteranian Flatbread - $7.59
Shrimp Cocktail - $9.99

Baby Spinach Salad - $6.99
- add grilled chicken or beef - $11.99
- add shrimp or salmon - $14.49
Heart of Romaine Caesar - $6.79
- add grilled chicken or beef - $11.79
- add shrimp or salmon - $14.29
Mixed Baby Greens - $5.79
- add grilled chicken or beef - $10.79
- add shrimp or salmon - $13.29
Asian Cashew Chicken Salad - $11.99

add side salad or cup of soup to an entrée for $2.99
Mythos Pad Thai - $11.99
     -with Chicken or Pork - $16.99
Crab Sliders - $12.99
Risotto of the Day - $15.99
Mythos Hamburger - $10.99
Blackened Fish Taco - $12.59
Grilled Chicken Sandwich - $10.99
Pan Seared Blackened Mahi Mahi - $16.99
Cedar Planked Bay of Fundy Salmon - $19.99
Mythos Bistro Filet - $16.99
Wild Mushroom Meatloaf - $13.99
Line Caught Sustainable Ahi Tuna Carpaccio - $12.99
Gratin of Wild American Mushrooms Cassoulet - $7.99
Mushroom Ravioli - $14.85
Steak Portobello Panini - $11.89

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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