It's a Wrap

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Production Central

It’s a Wrap is the last thing you’ll see before exiting Universal Studios Florida, so this is your final chance to grab that hat for Uncle Joe that you forgot about all day. Better yet - the merchandise here is marked down to 30 to 50% off regular prices.

Since this is the clearance shop for products from all over the park, there’s really no telling what you’ll find. You may hit the jackpot on something you thought was discontinued, or you may find nothing but outdated clothes in the sizes no one really buys. Either way, it’s worth a look if you’ve got some money left in your souvenir budget.

It’s a pretty small location, just by the gate, so the detour won’t set you back too much. Restrooms, fountains and lockers are nearby so this could be a good place to browse while everyone takes their last drink and potty break before embarking on the hike out to your car.

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