The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Location: Islands of Adventure – Marvel Super Hero Island

Height Restriction: 54”

Age Appropriateness: Thrill-seeking tweens and up

Seat Type: Molded seats with over-the-shoulder restraints; 4 to a row, 8 rows per vehicle; test seats available outside

Ride Description: The Incredible Hulk is a high speed heart-pounding roller coaster that’s perfect for thrill seekers and coaster fanatics. The queue winds you through Dr. Bruce Banner’s lab and up towards the gamma-ray accelerator. This latest experiment is designed to try and reverse the effects of the Hulk’s transformations, but it needs a few test subjects first.

After you’re strapped in and headed toward the launch point you hear that there’s been a malfunction. Dr. Banner’s voice screaming “No!” is the last thing you’ll hear before shooting off at 40 mph on an incline. After exiting the launch tube, the coaster immediately enters a zero-g roll as you take off for the ride of a lifetime.

Though you don’t begin with a slow uphill climb, the launch thrusts you upwards, so you have over 100 feet to drop after the initial roll. Coming back up you race through a cobra roll and descend into a mist-filled tunnel (a particular highlight of the ride on hot days).

The Hulk features seven total inversions as you reach heights up to 150 feet and lows that actually go below ground level through trenches. At top speed you’ll be flying along the screaming green tracks at 67 miles per hour. The entire experience is designed to mimic the rush of Banner’s transformation into the Hulk, followed by the pure, reckless force of his rage.

If you can summon the presence of mind to pose for the on-ride photo, start getting ready after the first brake run. You’ll slow down, then fall into a deep drop and corkscrew. After this the ride tips sideways to pass through the camera zone.

The entire experience lasts 2 minutes and 15 seconds, which is a good length for a theme park ride. Even on busy days, the exhilaration you feel as you exit the coaster will make it worth the wait.

Getting Ready: The intense maneuvers of this coaster require snug, close-fitting restraints that pass over your shoulders. If you have any concerns about fitting on the coaster, try the test seats out front before waiting in line.

Worth the Wait: 45 to 90 minutes

Ride Restrictions: You should not ride if you:

  • are expecting
  • have a heart condition or abnormal blood pressure
  • have neck, back, or similar physical conditions
  • are susceptible to motion sickness
  • have a cast
  • have had recent surgery
Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride seat.

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