Changes to Dragon Challenge Ride Operation

Universal has announced a change to the operation of Dragon Challenge after two guests were injured within weeks of each other by flying objects on the roller coaster. The first injury on July 31 caused a man to ultimately lose his entire eye. The second involved a 19-year-old guest getting struck on several parts of his body by unidentified objects.

Though thorough investigations haven't indicated any conclusive issues with the ride, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Dragon Challenge will now be altering it's ride operation. Since the coaster first debuted as Dueling Dragons in 1999, the entire premise of the attraction was centered around the two tracks "battling" it out as they run simultaneously. However, speculation now points to the close proximity of the two cars as a possible cause of these injuries. In response, Dragon Challenge will no longer run the two coaster vehicles together.

Investigation into the incidents is ongoing and the change doesn't seem to be a permanent decision just yet. Losing the exhilaration of the intersection points could be a big hit to the overall experience of the ride, though certainly a worthwhile loss if it really does work to prevent future injuries. However, considering that this ride has been operating under one moniker or another for 12 years it seems odd that injuries would only spike now after years of safe operation. What are your thoughts on the unidentified flying objects at the coaster?

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