Location: Islands of Adventure – Jurassic Park

The DinoStore is located on the upper level of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, just across from The Burger Digs. If you’re looking for dinosaur-themed gifts, this is the best stop in the park. There are no attractions that dump directly into this shop so it’s relatively quiet and easy to navigate.

A counter at the front of the store features an extensive display of amber jewelry that can be engraved with your initial. Real Jurassic park fans will appreciate the significance of the amber. In the movies, prehistoric mosquitoes trapped in the amber provide the dinosaur DNA needed to recreate all of the creatures in Jurassic Park. Adding an initial is a great way to personalize the souvenir for a one-of-a-kind piece.

If you’re interested in more colorful jewelry, you can also choose from a variety of gemstone pieces displayed throughout the store.

Toward the back of the shop you’ll find a variety of carefully constructed dinosaur sculptures, ranging from a 1/20 scale reproduction of a stegosaurus skeleton for $225 to a $25 raptor claw similar to the piece wielded by Dr. Alan Grant at the beginning of the first movie.

Naturally, this store also carries plenty of Jurassic park attire and toys. Guests with a strong stomach can even purchase suckers with scorpions and bugs encased inside. Curious children can indulge in a wide range of dinosaur-focused books at all reading levels. From chunky dinosaur board books to the Smithsonian Handbook to Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life there’s something for everyone – a good choice if you want some reading material to stash away for the ride home.

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