How to Survive Theme Parks in Summer

The long lines, blistering heat and oppressive humidity can make a summer theme park vacation seem more like cruel torture than thrilling fun. However, school calendars typically dictate the best time to get out of town and for many on a traditional schedule, this is it. To protect yourself from exhaustion, sunburn and massive family feuds brought on by sweaty irritability, consider these handy tips.

Pack a Water Bottle
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You absolutely must stay hydrated in the summer weather. With bottled water running you $2.75 a piece, you may be tempted to skimp on this necessity. To save your wallet and your health, take a reusable water bottle along and fill it up at water fountains throughout the day. If you need something a little colder, you can grab a cup (not bottle) of water at any counter service restaurant for free. Plus, when you don’t pay for the water, you won’t have to feel guilty if you pour half of it down your back instead of drinking it.

Slather on Sunscreen
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You’ve probably heard this a hundred times but it’s worth repeating. Wear sunscreen. Reapply every few hours. Even if you mow the lawn and go to softball games sans sun protection all the time at home and never burn, you should put on sunscreen here. Florida is different. The sun’s rays are much harsher, and the effect of standing outside for what literally adds up to about 12 hours a day for some visitors can be devastating. You really, really, really don’t want a sunburn on vacation, no matter how much of a hassle it seems like to slather up several times a day.

Prepare to Get Wet
At some point during your summer theme park vacation you will find yourself overtaken with the urge to get completely drenched. Whether you plan to race down Ripsaw Falls, frolic in Curious George’s play land or just stand in the mister fan for an inordinately long amount of time, you should be ready for the consequences. Do not wear white or khaki unless you’re ok with sharing what you’re wearing underneath it. Keep your cell phone, camera and other electronics in a locker or in a sealed zip top bag. Have some hair ties and bobby pins on hand for the disaster that can strike when you combine damp hair, heat and humidity.

Get the Proper Headgear
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Sunglasses are indispensible in the bright summer sun. If you wear glasses, invest in a cheap pair of clip-on sunglasses that fit over your frames. A comfortable hat is great for keeping your face, neck and head out of the sun. I know some people can’t stand hats (in which case, apply sunscreen to the part in your hair. Seriously.) but if you know how to rock a baseball cap, it’ll keep some of those glaring rays away.

Don’t Wear Black
You’re at a theme park, not a trendy club. Whatever you do, don’t decide that wearing black all day will be the perfect slimming option for all your vacay pics. It will just draw the sun and heat to you like a magnet. Being sweaty, flushed, hot and uncomfortable is not sexy, even if your fitted black tee is. So lighten up your wardrobe and save the darker hues for an evening out if you must have them at all.

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