Twister...Ride It Out

Location: Universal Studios Florida - New York

Height Restriction: None

Age Appropriateness: Brave Children

Seat Type: Standing only

Ride Description: Twister…Ride It Out is a show that lets you feel the effects of a passing tornado. The ominous set up to the feature includes a queue through a wrecked home clearly post-tornado, as well as an introductory movie featuring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. You’ll see some of the more intense scene from the movie, Twister, in this intro; if you’re with children who get frightened at this point, you have your red light that it’s time to back out before you get to the real show.

Fans of the movie will instantly recognize the drive in theater setting of the attraction. Guests stand in one of three rows to view the show. Aim for the back if you have children who might get frightened to minimize the impact. You won’t see any live actors or traditional film in Twister…Ride It Out. Instead, you get to witness a flying cow, snapping power lines and a cyclone of wind as the tornado passes.

The most startling part of the experience comes at the end when the awning above you crashes downward. Fortunately, you exit after this last shock as rare survivors of an F5 tornado.

Getting Ready: Though you only have to stand still in this attraction, it’s very dark, loud and intense. Children should be able to handle all three. Be aware that effects include both intense wind and fire. As a general rule of thumb, if the movie Twister is too much for your child to handle, you shouldn’t put him in the attraction.

Worth the Wait: As a big fan of storms, I would wait 30 minutes for this attraction. The queue is interesting and very cool if not chilly once you get inside. If the concept doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll feel like you’ve wasted your time at a wait of more than 10 to 15 minutes.

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