Dining at the Three Broomsticks

For a truly unique theme park dining experience head to the Three Broomsticks in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While other counter service menus tend toward the standard array of burgers and pizza, this stunning venue veers so far from ordinary that you won't even find soda here. We were so enthralled with the Three Broomsticks that we dined here twice in the same day, sampling four of the meals on the menu along with a wide assortment of enchanting beverages.

Location: Islands of Adventure - Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Operation: The Three Broomsticks is so popular that you may have to wait in a winding queue to order your meal. Universal's team members are well prepared for the masses, however, and the entire operation is surprisingly organized. If you hit the restaurant during peak dining hours, you'll have plenty of time to browse the menu and view samples of the fare while you wait in line. At the end of the line you're directed to one of several cash registers and then to a corresponding line to pick up your food. An additional team member is even on hand to help parties find seating. If you're not dining in the Three Broomsticks, don't count on ducking in for a cool place to relax. Guests who aren't eating there are quickly ousted to make room for those with trays of food.

Setting: Like all of the Wizarding World, the Three Broomsticks looks like a scene straight from the movies. Rough hewn wooden tables with both chairs and benches provide appropriately themed seating. Antlers and aging wizard artwork adorn the walls. Looking up you'll spot a maze of staircases and walkways above you. Though not accessible, they perfectly fit the themeing of the building, which also provides lodging in the Harry Potter books and films. At the far end of the restaurant is the Hog's Head bar where you can find an array of beverages. The hog's head on the wall will even snort at guests from time to time. If you keep your eyes open you can also spot the shadows of circling owls on the walls.

Food: The menu at the Three Broomsticks features classic English fare (see full menu below). For lunch I had the Cornish Pasties and Garden Salad. The pasties were absolutely delicious with a crisp, flaky crust and richly flavored beef filling. My husband enjoyed the Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter. Along with the juicy full half of a chicken was a whole corn cob and seasoned roasted potatoes. The corn cob comes with the husk still protruding from the top for a fun, rustic presentation that also provides a bit of a handle for the piece. For dinner I had the Shepherd's Pie, also with a Garden Salad. The mashed potato topping was my favorite part with its crispy texture. The ground beef filling was also very tasty and I had to share the dish with my 1 year old son who just couldn't get enough. My husband had the Fish and Chips Platter. While Fish and Chips may seem like one of the more ordinary options on the menu, it's a great choice for visitors who want something familiar. This dish probably came up last on our list of favorites from the meals we tried, but was still good for theme park fare.

Beverages: The beverages here deserve a category all their own. Butterbeer is probably one of the most popular options and can even be purchased in a souvenir mug. If you're not familiar with Harry Potter you may wonder what kind of a drink you're dealing with, but butterbeer is 100% non-alcoholic. It's available cold or frozen. The drink itself tastes like rich cream soda. My favorite part is the sweet marshmallow-y froth that's piped on top. We also sampled the pumpkin fizz which tastes like super carbonated pumpkin pie in a cup. Both apple and pear cider are among the offerings as well. Though we only tried the pear cider, I was very pleased with the simple, sweet flavor. Though soda is lacking on the menu here, with such diverse options you'll hardly miss it.


Cornish Pasties with Garden Salad - $7.99
Rotisserie Smoked Chicken Platter (with corn on the cob and potatoes) - $10.99
Shepherd's Pie with Garden Salad - $9.99
Fish and Chips - $12.99
Spareribs Platter (with corn on the cob and potatoes) - $14.99
Smoked Turkey Leg (with fries) - $13.99
Chicken and Ribs Platter (with corn on the cob and potatoes) - $13.99

The Great Feast (Garden Salad, Rotisserie Smoked Chicken and Chargrilled Ribs, Corn on the Cob and Potatoes) For Four - $49.99
For parties of more than four, additional servings can be added to the Great Feast for $12.99 per person.

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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