Islands of Adventure: Jurassic Park

Entering Jurassic Park is an experience straight out of the movie. The iconic park sign with flickering torches towers above and the unmistakable theme song envelopes you as you step though into a world out of time. This is the largest of the islands in Islands of Adventure, covering 21 acres.

This island is created with authenticity in mind. The plant life was specially selected to resemble prehistoric trees and ferns from the Jurassic period. The rustic rope fences along the walkways are only the first line of defense. Further back in the foliage you can see the electrified fences that separate you from the dinosaurs. If you have any doubt that you're surrounded by prehistoric wildlife, just take a moment to listen. You'll hear the distinct trumpeting calls of dinosaurs echoing from the dense vegetation.

Everywhere you look you'll see dinosaur-themed elements that are accurate to what you would expect from John Hammond's theme park. This is surely what he hoped that it would be. The trash cans feature peaceful dinosaur silhouettes parading around them. The streets have the imprints of ferns and leaves. Even the light fixtures feature three-toed dinosaur claws around each orb. If you ever wanted to step into the movie and see Jurassic Park the way Hammond hoped it would be, this island is as close as you'll ever get.

Fern imprints on the streets

Dinosaurs adorning the trash cans
From the back, the Discovery Center is a near perfect replica of the Welcome Center that greets Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ian Malcolm in the first movie. Head up to the waterfront and you'll get a stunning look across at the other islands around the park.

Jurassic Park Discover Center as seen from across the lagoon
You can enter Jurassic Park from Toon Lagoon or a bridge from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A second bridge connects Jurassic Park to The Lost Continent, allowing you to bypass the Wizarding World. However, this bridge isn't always open. It's located off to the right of the Watering Hole, near the back of the Discovery Center if you'd like to check.

Photo Ops

Jurassic Park is filled with exciting photo opportunities, from dinosaurs and vehicles you'll easily recognize from the films, to panoramic views of other areas in the park. The T-Rex in particular is a very special photo opportunity. Here you'll find a new type of photo technology that allows you to include your whole party in one perfectly framed photo, without relying on the dubious skills of a friendly-looking stranger. Scan your park ticket, wait for the red numbers to count down, and pose for your picture. You can check out the photo at the front of the park on your way out.

Spinosaurus photo op
Across from Jurassic Park Outfitters, a couple photo booths offer photo cards and photo strips. This is another handy option if you want to include a couple people in the shot without holding the camera out in front of yourself or asking a stranger for help.

You'll find a less technologically advanced photo op near the DinoStore, where the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park III is poised above another JP jeep. If you're interested in posing by a jeep sans dinosaur, there's a much less crowded photo op for you down the path beside the Watering Hole. Additional dinosaurs can be found inside the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.



Though there aren't any straight-from-the-movie characters in Jurassic Park, you can spot a dinosaur caretaker in the streets with a baby dinosaur from time to time. Keep your eyes open for this rare find.

Dining and Snack Stands

Inside Thunder Falls Terrace
Dining in Jurassic Park often gives you the sensation of eating in John Hammond's dream of a dinosaur-themed park. The Burger Digs is reminiscent of the cafeteria where Tim and Lex encounter the raptors, and Thunder Falls Terrace is surely the elegantly appointed restaurant that would have embodied Hammond's "spare no expense" ideal. Dining options in Jurassic Park include:
Snack stand offerings:
  • The Food Chain: Ice cream and churros
  • Natural Selections: Fresh fruit and churros
  • Jurassic Park Hot Dogs: Hot dogs
  • Jurassic Park Popcorn: Popcorn, churros, ice cream


Gift shops include:
  • Dinostore: In the Jurassic Park Discovery Center; features amber jewelry and fine sculptures
  • Jurassic Outfitters: At the exit to the Jurassic Park River Adventure; emphasizes toys, tees, and movie merch
Along the streets in Jurassic Park, you'll also find:
  • Temporary tattoos and braids by Pizza Predattoria
  • Leather bracelets and jewelry by Pizza Predattoria

Smoking Areas

  • Between the splash area beside Jurassic Park River Adventure and Thunder Falls Terrace(look for the area where the boats descend from the building and splash onto the river)
  • Across from the Burger Digs
  • Near the waterfront side of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center (take the path around by the Watering Hole and follow it past the jeep and off to the right)


  • Between the splash zone and the exit for Jurassic Park River Adventure
  • Beside Pizza Predattoria

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