Halloween Horror Nights 22 Touring Plan

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As we did last year for Halloween Horror Nights, we've created a map and touring plan that will get the most value for your time and money this Halloween season. If you follow the map and plan listed below, you're sure to catch everything.

A note on Scare Zones:
Unlike years past, there are no definitive "Scare Zones" in the park. Instead, the street-bound Scare Actors are free to roam wherever they see fit, tormenting anyone that gets in their way. Here's the catch to that: while there are no officially themed zones, there are clearly defined areas that the Scare Actors have to stay in during their time among the public. These areas are marked on the map with a yellow skull and crossbones. The touring plan allows you to walk through each area in an effort to see as much as possible. However, the street Scare Actors this year also rotate all around the park in groups, so there is always the chance that you will end up missing a certain group of characters, like the chainsaw wielding women's prisoners or the vampires. Stick to the plan and you'll see as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

House #1 - Universal's House of Horrors
As you enter the park, make an immediate right and head through Hollywood. This will take you through the first area featuring the street Scare Actors. Continue past Mel's Die-In and through Central Park, which features the second area of Scare Actors. Make a right and head into Kidzone. Stay right and you'll see the queue for the house near the exit to the ET Adventure.

House #2 - Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare
The exit for the House of Horrors will lead you parallel to the entrance of the Alice Cooper house. Make a u-turn to the right and enter the queue which leads through the pre-show area of a Day in the Park with Barney.

House #3 - Penn 7 Teller New(kd) Las Vegas
Again, the exit to this house runs right next to the entrance of the Vegas house. Once you hit the street, make a sharp right and you'll see the entrance to your right, just before the Men in Black: Alien Attack restrooms. The area right in front of MIB is also another place to see Scare Actors.

Show A - Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure
Depending on what time you get out of the Vegas house, you may have a great opportunity to see a Halloween Horror Nights tradition: the Bill and Ted show. This show has been around featuring various pop-culture references since HHN's creation back in 1990. If the show times don't work for you, you can always try back later in the evening, especially if the current show looks crowded. People love this show, and the early shows will fill up quick.

House #4 - AMC's Walking Dead
On the way to this, you'll walk through another one of the areas featuring street Scare Actors outside the exit of the house, which is right next to the entrance to Disaster! The entrance to the Walking Dead house is just to the left of the Beetlejuice's Graveyard Review stadium, which is home to...

Show B - 20 Penny Circus: Fully Exposed
Once again, seeing this show really depends on when you arrive in the area. This is a new show for the event, so it may also fill up during the early shows just on curiosity alone.

House #5 - Dead End
Regardless of which place you come out of, the Circus show or the Walking Dead house, you'll head through New York to the next house on the plan, Dead End. On your way you'll visit another area featuring the street Scare Actors. The entrance to Dead End is just to the left of the Macy's facade, on your right as you approach Twister.

House #6 - Gothic
The exit to Dead End leads you between Twister and the Universal Music Plaza. Make a left at the corner by Aftermath, the Twister store (a), and enter the Twister queue. The Twister queue is also the Gothic queue.

House #7 - Silent Hill
You exit Gothic the same way you exit Dead End. When you reach the end of the street by the Aftermath store, make a right this time (b). Go past the Music Plaza and on your right will be the entrance to Silent Hill.

After you exit Silent Hill, the rest of the evening is up to you. If one of the houses was not open, or the line was too long or you want to see one of the shows this is the time to do it. If you're too tired or you've just had enough, the exit is to your right, past the Universal Studios Store.

Good luck!

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