Four Halloween Horror Night Houses Announced for 2012

The Walking Dead
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Though Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) is usually kept well under wraps, the 2012 event has house announcements coming out regularly. These houses are all inspired (and perhaps financially sponsored) by outside sources. A television show, video game, rock and roll album, and Vegas magic show all take the form of houses so guests can step right into the action this year.

These thematic elements are perfectly suited to Horror Nights and bring a welcome air of familiarity to guests who may otherwise navigate houses with themes that are more difficult to discern. However, one can't help but wonder if this plethora of houses that likely have financial sponsors is intended to help pad Universal's budget. With new stores, the opening of the Despicable Me attraction, and a new fireworks show and parade, Universal has rolled out an overwhelming number of developments in a single year, with much more on the way.

Whether these houses are intended to gently take the financial strain off of HHN or not is purely speculation. What is certain is that guests can plan to experience lots of recognizable entertainment franchises in 2012.

Houses already on the agenda include:

Silent Hill
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All rights reserved. 
The Walking Dead - Though there have been movie-inspired houses many times in the past, this is the first house to be based on a television series. The Walking Dead house will bring the AMC show to life with recognizable scenes straight from the show, and plenty of live zombies to put you in the role of the show's characters as you struggle to survive.

Silent Hill - Turning a video game into a house is another first for HHN. Expect to encounter the executioner, deformed nurses, and more monsters from the game. The Silent Hill plot is based around a town where multiple dimensions co-exist in a nightmarish conglomeration where you can never quite get back to reality.

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Alice Cooper - Goes to Hell 3D - This house will be built around the album "Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare." This 3D house will take guests through a twisting, turning maze that slowly descends into hell as depicted by the rock star's imaginings. Prepare for terrifying disorientation as you don your glasses and proceed to navigate the terrifying underworld.

Penn and Teller
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Penn and Teller New(kd) Las Vegas - This 3D house will take you into a Las Vegas that's been ravaged by radioactive exposure. Everything from the little white wedding chapel to the show girls take on a sickly green hue. Your walk through the house will be narrated by Penn himself, and you'll come face to face with the duo at the end. The combination of edgy magic and horrifying special effects is sure to be a fan favorite.

Still under wraps is the overall theme of the event, the remaining houses, and the scare zones. Check back often for more updates. The events kicks off September 21. You can buy your tickets here.

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