Updated 1/3/2012 - The Amity Oakley location is now CLOSED

Location: Universal Studios Florida – Amity/Islands of Adventure - Super Hero Island

The Oakley store has two theme park locations at Universal Studios Orlando. So you can rest assured that no matter what park you're in, you can get a killer set of shades to protect you from the Florida sun.

The Oakley store in Universal Studios Florida (pictured above and right) fits in perfectly with the coastal vibe of the Amity stretch of gift shops. If you ignore the towering shark strung up a few feet away in front of JAWS you could almost believe that you’re taking a leisurely stroll along a weather-worn boardwalk in Anywhere, USA.

*With JAWS scheduled to close on January 2, 2012, you can expect most of Amity to soon see a makeover, and this shopping location may not outlast the ride for long*

Across the property in Super Hero Island (pictured below) you'll find another store marked by the signature Oakley symbol. This one has a sleeker look and feel, geared toward equipping superheros (or villains) with some slick shades. Set back into the rows of shops lining the streets, it's easy to miss if you're not careful, so keep an eye out if you're interested in browsing these sunglasses over at IOA.

Predictably, both small Oakley gift shops are stocked full of all the latest sunglasses. If you’re a fan of the brand, this is a great stop for checking out the newest trends and picking up a pricey, but useful, souvenir. The stores also stocks some accessories, like bags, but the main draw is the shades.

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