Finnegan's Bar & Grill

Location: Universal Studios Florida – New York

Finnegan’s is everything you could want from an Irish pub in New York, with Irish memorabilia on the walls, authentic food choices on the menu and the lingering aroma of beer in the air. The theming of this restaurant is so thorough that you’ll hardly know you’re in a theme park. Live music from the bar area wafts over to diners and the cool, dimmed atmosphere offers a pleasant reprieve from the weather outside.

Every meal is accompanied by soda bread and apple butter served on a shamrock-shaped cutting board. Nearly every option on the menu has a distinctly Irish twist, and the fare tends toward hearty meat-and-potatoes-type meals. Though the beef and blue salad was nearly overflowing its oversized bowl, the corned beef and cabbage meal seemed a bit small in comparison. Fortunately, the potato and onion webb starter made up for any lack in abundance. Opt for two courses if you’re particularly famished from your day traversing the theme park.

Finnegan’s Potato and Onion Webb (Fried potatoes and onions, served w/malt vinegar) - $6.99
Shrimp Scargo (Broiled shrimp covered with provolone) - $7.99
Irish Chicken Stingers (Fried, breaded buffalo chicken tenders) - $7.99
Cornish Pasti (served w/apple beet salad) - $8.49
Scotch Eggs (served with apple beet salad) - $5.99
Reilly’s Chicken Wings - $8.99

Finnegan’s Favorites
Irish Fish ‘n Chips - $13.99
Shepherd’s Pie - $11.99
- - add cheese - $.79
Bangers and Mash - $10.99
Country Cork Corned Beef and Cabbage - $11.99
Misty Isle Mixed Grill - $11.99
Newcastle Chicken - $10.99
Kilkenny Pot Pie - $10.99
Guinness Beef Stew - $11.99
North Atlantic Baked Cod Fish - $14.99
Grilled Filet of Salmon - $14.99
Dingle Seafood Pie - $14.99
Finnegan’s Pub Sirloin Steak - $21.99

Soups and Salads
Celtic Chicken Club Salad - $11.99
Beef and Bleu Salad - $12.99
Irish Cobb Salad - $11.99
The Leprechaun’s Rainbow (fruit assortment w/raspberry sorbet) - $11.99
Homemade Misty Isle Potato and Leek Soup - $4.99
Split Pea and Ham Soup - $4.99

Reuben Sandwich (served w/wedge fries) - $10.99
Tipperary Corned Beef Sandwich (served w/wedge fries) - $10.99
Dublin Chicken Sandwich (served w/wedge fries) - $10.99
Grand Ole Burger (served w/wedge fries) - $9.99
- - add bacon, onions and mushrooms - $2.00
Gardenburger (served w/fresh fruit medley) - $9.79
Fried Cod Fish Sandwich (served w/wedge fries) - $11.99
Shamrock Steak Sandwich (served w/wedge fries) - $11.99
- - add Provolone, Swiss, American or Cheddar cheese - $.79

** Menus and pricing are subject to change at any time **

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